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Warka Water stands up to the wind

Published on June 8, 2020 Updated on June 8, 2020

on the September 23, 2018

On September 23rd,  2018, France is facing bad weather in several regions. Aube is classified orange with winds up to 75 km/h, which is quite reasonable.

This is a first test for our copy of the Warka Water Tower. After a first inspection on Sunday morning (11:00), it appears that a pole of the canopy is no longer in place. This is simply due to the attachment of the rope that has not held. The repair is very simple, just tie the rope with the textile delimiting the net.

In the weather forecast, the wind can be up to 75 km/h at 5 PM. A second visit around 5 PM allowed to see the behavior of the tower.

The observation is simple: the tower does not move, it is the net and the canopy that undergo gusts resulting in lateral and vertical movements. The video below shows these effects: