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Scientific papers (Request full text to serge.rohmer @

  • Icord'17 (India 2017) : "Disassembly for Redesign"
    The paper focuses on technologies for purifying unsafe water. Based on the analysis of existing purifiers, a new distiller is proposed for a domestic usage. A prototype is described and tested, aiming at the validation of the concept.Then, a dysfunctional analysis highlights recommendations for its improvements. A second version is proposed to fix the failures by taking into account frugal considerations for developing countries. A discussion is finally engaged to define the advantages and the limits of the second prototype, in terms of technical performances and based on frugal considerations.
  • ICEASSM17 (Ghana 2017) : "Design of a Solar Water Distiller Based on Frugal Considerations"
    The paper proposes to change the way to improve a product by switching the DfD approach (Design for Disassembly) into DfR (Disassembly for Redesign). The concept is to disassemble a product by keeping the just necessary parts that achieve the basic service, the product being still in operation. The disassembly procedure (tasks, tools, duration, resulting parts, …) is recorded in order to express how much frugal the product is. The frugality index measures the difference between the product before and after the disassembly procedure, it consequently expresses the energy to spend to innovate in a more responsible way. The methodology is supported by an example on an EEE product. A discussion is finally engaged to present the limits and the perspectives of the approach.
  • ICED17 (Canada 2017) : "Measuring Frugality. Application to a Solar Water Distiller"
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