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Scientific papers (Request full text to serge.rohmer @

  • Icord'17 (India 2017) : "Disassembly for Redesign"
    The paper focuses on technologies for purifying unsafe water. Based on the analysis of existing purifiers, a new distiller is proposed for a domestic usage. A prototype is described and tested, aiming at the validation of the concept.Then, a dysfunctional analysis highlights recommendations for its improvements. A second version is proposed to fix the failures by taking into account frugal considerations for developing countries. A discussion is finally engaged to define the advantages and the limits of the second prototype, in terms of technical performances and based on frugal considerations.
  • ICEASSM17 (Ghana 2017) : paper dedicated to the description of a water distiller according to frugal concepts; The proceedings of the conference will be next published (Springer).

  • ICED17 (Canada 2017) : "Measuring Frugality. Application to a Solar Water Distiller"
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