2017 Frugal Engineering contest

AERA Group, UTT Foundation and members of the SOLAR TEARS research project invite women and men who have initiated an entrepreneurial project linked to Africa to submit their candidature in a competition dedicated exclusively to them .

This competition is open to all adults of professional or associative activity or who are studying in France in the Grand-Est Region.

The candidate must present a project that concerns the creation of a product or a process or a service with a strong social impact dedicated to the African population.

The project must prove that a thorough reflection has been carried out in order to take into account local resources (materials, energy, skills, etc.) that are directly or indirectly linked to the manufacture (and/or implementation and/or distribution and/or use) of the product/process/service concerned.

Rules and application form can be downloaded on the site in the section DOWNLOADS (téléchargements).

Submission Deadline: May, 31rst, 2017, 10 PM