Ghana : Hell of AGBOGBLOSHIE

The design of a water purifier based on recycled components is a good justification to visit the AGBOGBLOSHIE area in ACCRA. This area is controlled by the informal economy in the recycling sector. This area looks like a large city where everything can be recycled from cars to electronics devices. The land is polluted due to all kinds of fluids that come from the dismantling process which is done without taking care of the environment. Here, the necessity is not mother of environmental purposes, the population just want obtain economical value to live. The area becomes muddy when it’s raining, that disseminates the pollutants. Despite the visual anarchy of the zone, the dismantling processes are organized. Truck or all other type of transportation brings the waste on the zone for the shops.

Copper is one of the most important material which is recycled, from air conditioning systems to the wires inside compressors or small fans used in computers. The rest of the metallic parts are collected with a cart and transported for the scaling. Then, the negotiation defines the price, and the materials are collected on a truck that will go in a recycling plant. In order to learn the recycling, whatever the sector, is consist of a supervising of an apprentice by a master. To become an apprentice, the candidate brings a drink and cash and asks for a master. If the master accepts, the candidate becomes an apprentice and will work for the master.
Everything is informal, no signature, just oral agreement, the area defines its own codes.

Serge Rohmer