• Ghana : Water tank for home


      There are few infrastructures in ACCRA to deliver drinking water by pipes network. You can find Water Tank near the house, the volume can be 1000 gallons. Just phone to the Ghana Water Company to obtain water, a truck will deliver you the water.


      Serge Rohmer



    • Ghana : rain harvesting

      The rain season is coming soon in Ghana (May), you can collect the rain (rain harvesting) and store it in water tank. The rain is collected from the roof and pointed towards the water tank. You can use the water for domestic purposes, not as drinking water.


      Serge Rohmer





      Water Tank behind the EPA building (Environmental Protection Agency). © Serge ROHMER 2017.

    • Ghana : Hell of AGBOGBLOSHIE

      The design of a water purifier based on recycled components is a good justification to visit the AGBOGBLOSHIE area in ACCRA. This area is controlled by the informal economy in the recycling sector. This area looks like a large city where everything can be recycled from cars to electronics devices. The land is polluted due to all kinds of fluids that come from the dismantling process which is done without taking care of the environment. Here, the necessity is not mother of environmental purposes, the population just want obtain economical value to live. The area becomes muddy when it’s raining, that disseminates the pollutants. Despite the visual anarchy of the zone, the dismantling processes are organized. Truck or all other type of transportation brings the waste on the zone for the shops.

      Copper is one of the most important material which is recycled, from air conditioning systems to the wires inside compressors or small fans used in computers. The rest of the metallic parts are collected with a cart and transported for the scaling. Then, the negotiation defines the price, and the materials are collected on a truck that will go in a recycling plant. In order to learn the recycling, whatever the sector, is consist of a supervising of an apprentice by a master. To become an apprentice, the candidate brings a drink and cash and asks for a master. If the master accepts, the candidate becomes an apprentice and will work for the master.
      Everything is informal, no signature, just oral agreement, the area defines its own codes.

      Serge Rohmer

    • Ghana : opening session of the ICEASSM17 Conference

      On Tuesday 04/18/17, the opening session congratulates Pr. Kondo ADJALLAH (former professor at UTT) for his work dedicated to promote research and development and entrepreneurship in Africa.

      Serge Rohmer

    • Ghana : "Pure Water" sachet

      In the morning, in the street of ACCRA, you can meet people transporting “Pure Water” sachet. It is a flexible plastic sachet with 500 ml of water. Its shape allows an easy transportation and optimizes the storage volume by comparison to bottles of water. Just cut a corner of the sachet and drink the water ! the price is about 20 cedi (50Fcfa).
      But take care, some bad producers use unsafe water, knowing that the business is very interesting you can quicky be quickly profitable.

      Serge Rohmer

    • 2017 Frugal Engineering contest

      AERA Group, UTT Foundation and members of the SOLAR TEARS research project invite women and men who have initiated an entrepreneurial project linked to Africa to submit their candidature in a competition dedicated exclusively to them .

      This competition is open to all adults of professional or associative activity or who are studying in France in the Grand-Est Region.

      The candidate must present a project that concerns the creation of a product or a process or a service with a strong social impact dedicated to the African population.

      The project must prove that a thorough reflection has been carried out in order to take into account local resources (materials, energy, skills, etc.) that are directly or indirectly linked to the manufacture (and/or implementation and/or distribution and/or use) of the product/process/service concerned.

      Rules and application form can be downloaded on the site in the section DOWNLOADS (téléchargements).

      Submission Deadline: May, 31rst, 2017, 10 PM

    • India : Doddaballapur visit

      On jan. 15th 2017, Serge ROHMER and Ashok (student of CPDM) visit Doddaballapura which is located at about 1 hour by car from Bangalore. In fact, it is located in the suburbs, but it gives the ability of the country to provide water (drink, sanitation, cooking, …).

      In the street there is a tap which is open 1 hour a week, you have to prepare first your container to take the water (non drinkable). The population can buy bottle of water (20 RS / 1 L) or can go to the nearest water vending machine (5 RS / 10 L) which is located against a water treatment plant.

    • India : Closing ceremony ICoRD'17

      The ICoRD'17 conference ended on Jan 12th 2017.

      Serge ROHMER met a lot of researchers, especially a Professor from Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbaï who share the same research interests, and a Professor form Japan in charge of a Design Thinking lab.

      The next step is to meet the IISc partners at Bengalore (India).


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    • India : ICoRD'17 organization

      2nd day at the ICoRD conference in India. Coffee break, lunch at the conference allows the researchers to talk together. IITG did a great job for the lunch with a big colored tent, with an Indian touch: dogs near your table, and ephemeral sinks.

      For the Gala Dinner, we went on a sandbank on the biggest river in India, Brahmaputra. The welcome was amazing: lights in the night, torches, camp fire and traditional dancers.

    • India : ICED17 opening ceremony

      First day at the ICoRD conference at Guwahati in India, 9th-11th January 2017. There are 200 attendees form all over the world. During the opening ceremony, the officials gave water to a plant, to remember that we are in charge of Earth. The same day, Serge ROHMER is Chairman of a session dedicated to Ecodesign and Sustainability. During this session, 6 researchers presented their research.